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Striving for Excellence

Frontier Works Organization

Frontier Works Organisation (FWO), today’s most versatile and vibrant construction firm, was established on 31 October 1966 to wrought a miracle and carve out a modern highway, the Karakoram Highway, across crags and crevices of the highest mountain ranges of the world. It was towards the completion stage of KKH that the Government analyzed the tremendous potential of FWO in carrying out civil engineering projects in difficult and inhospitable areas and decided not only to keep FWO in existence, but also to expand its tentacles throughout the country.

In 1991, FWO was called upon to participate in the reconstruction phase of Kuwait, after the Gulf war, and given to clear 3000 square kilometers of highly mined area, littered with large quantity of ammunition left behind by the withdrawing Iraqi Army. FWO cleared the area in a record time of just 16 months, ahead of others construction forms of USA, UK, France, Egypt and Bangladesh. Similarly, in 2006, FWO constructed a road from Torkham to Jalalabad in the most hostile and difficulty security environment.

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Cpec city Kp

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KP government and FWO have signed agreement on mega developmental project CPEC CITY.